more mooka lovin'

Don't fall off your chair!........I know it's been a long time since I've posted on consecutive days....but.....as of yesterday - I am on school holidays AND the heat has finally broken, it's been raining AND my lovely jersey girl who lost her calf has adopted a calf whose mother was sent to market, so, we only have to milk once a day now. Jersey is happy/calf is happy/we save a lot of time. A win for everyone. Here's a picture of my sweet girls.

So, you knew I couldn't leave the challenge alone right? The mooka.......it speaks to me. And, yes, it IS  totally normal for me to have a picture of it under my pillow and in my wallet. Uh huh...yep....nothing weird or stalker-ish happening here. Just moving right along.......

Onto the pics........

I love connecting up the strings of mooka with these kind of sticky edges.....they're great for hiding a multitude of sins.....like wobbly lines, awkward curves, etc, etc. I go over all my original lines to thicken them up and then curve and fill all the sharp corners. Fun, fun. I did something very similar in my pattern journal a while back but wanted to have another play.

A bit of a variation to create foliage. Alternating strokes of scrolls and leaves.

You can see a more elegant example of this technique back in this post - at the time I also did a video to demo how I did this, but never ended up posting it - probably because I'm more comfortable doing videos on my own patterns - I'm still not really sure how I feel about posting it......... and, also, I didn't know how to correctly pronounce mooka - lol - I still don't but whatever, maybe it will be helpful to someone rather than just sitting in a file on my computer, so here it is:

In the video I add an extra stroke to the leaves - the iris pattern above is just done with single strokes which allows you to create more of a flow and there's the possibility of doing the pattern in a continuous line (if you didn't do cross-over strokes - which I love to do!)

Playing with a paisley design right now.......love, love the holidays!