the many moods of mooka

Did you hear my squeal of excitement when this weeks Diva Challenge was posted? It was seriously loud. 'Cause, ya know.......me and mooka........we're like totally in love. It all started back when I first saw mooka in the video demo........*sigh*........all that delicate swirly goodness......love at first sight. Love, love, love.

I use this pattern a lot, probably way too much (check out the gallery if you want to see some pics). Rather than sticking to a structure, I like to have the scrolls kind of everywhere. I just can't help myself! Usually, though, it's in conjunction with other patterns and the challenge this week was for mooka to go solo.

Here's what I've come up with, I felt like using a bit of colour today:

A mooka trio:

One of the things I find a little clunky with mooka is that the base of the pattern can become a bit bulky and take away from the lovely curly scrolls, so sometimes I like to make the bases of each scroll a single string/thread to reduce the bulk.

A mooka-ish feather:

Some lime goodness: