Turning Old into New Challenge

Brace yourselves, it's a long one!

This weeks challenge put together by Sandy Hunter was to tackle the basic structure of a pattern i.e. free form or grid, and turn it on its head by gridding up a freeform pattern, or doing the reverse.  Brilliant - just the sort of thing I love to do!

I regularly take gridded patterns and turn them into a freeform design, so I decided to take a cruise through the pattern folder and find some freeform patterns to turn into a grid.

Here are the results (along with some earlier blog images using the patterns where I could find them):


Inapod tangle pattern grid version

Love, love this as a grid and will be definitely using it again. 

Here it is in a wonky grid:

Inapod tangle pattern wonky grid

and a freeform version I did in Feb. 2013

Inapod freestyle drawing


Leaflet pattern

Leaflet already utilises a framework of S-strokes, which can be regimented or very loose, but I wanted to try drawing it within the confines of a grid and, again, love how it turned out.

Leaflet on a loose S framework:

Leaflet wonky grid


Maryhill grid


Mooka grid

I played with this one a bit and couldn't find a way that I could squeeze in more curvy scrolls and have it look how I wanted, so just stuck with a single scroll for each box.

Some freeform Mooka from March 2013

Freeform Mooka


Scrolled feather grid version

A very old scrolled feather design

scrolled feather and coneflowers 


Trentwith grid

On a wonky grid:

Trentwith wonky grid
Loved this challenge, thanks, Sandy for putting together such a fun one :)