Ribbon Roll

If you've followed my blog for a while, or bought my first book:  Flips Folds Ribbon and String you may have guessed that I love, love drawing ribbons. The curls, the scrolls, the perspective challenges, the two surfaces to add patterns to. What's not to love?

I started playing around with some ribbon studies last week and ended up completing this one:

The black and white check works as a good relief (I use it a lot!) for a busier pattern on the other side - in this case Sails pattern.

Now, I'm off to have a play with my new toy - a video/camera quadcopter. I took it for its first flight this morning and now that I've looked at the video footage I have a bit better idea (maybe) of what I'm doing.............so here goes!


let's get social


Friday Video - HEART S Pattern

MY WEEK went a little like this...............

Since I had all my video equipment set up to film Narwal, I decided to go ahead and do Sails ......which was long overdue........after that I think I just lost my mind and decided to go for it and record all of the patterns that I wanted to get done. Then, once I had a system down, I went ahead and edited the lot. Whew! Though I found it oddly soothing watching myself draw to a soundtrack, I am now thoroughly over it!

The end result........I now have 12, YES 12! videos lined up ready to go. I am going to put one up a week on Friday for the next 12 weeks. I cannot believe that me, the Queen of Disorganisation and Lack of Planning (my true title) has actually done this.........lol.......but it has happened and it appears we are not now living in some alternative reality.......so........ I'm just going with it! I do have to remember to post them every week. (Cue BIG sign being put up behind my computer monitor as I am writing this post!)

In my previous post I talked about doing some extra work on my Youtube channel  - I am really happy with the result. I'd love for you to check it out :) All of the videos have new thumbnails.....some even in colour (gasp!) and all the new ones will have a consistent format. Let me know what you think.

If you want to subscribe, you can do so at the channel, or click here. You'll be notified when I post new videos to Youtube.

So.............here is the first "Friday Video" - the HEART S Pattern - the video includes Heart S, Heart S - no kick, and some randomising. I like to keep my videos to a reasonable timeframe, so if there are sections that are too fast (or too slow), just use the settings "cog" to adjust.

I love Heart S - definitely one of my favourite patterns, it looks great randomised, too.  You can check out the original post here with the pattern step-outs and some examples.

Please note: If you are reading this post in an email feed, sometimes the video will not show up, you'll need to the view the blog post online.

In other exciting news, Miss Jersey finally had her calf and she is a gorgeous girl. We'll be training her up over the next couple of years to become a house cow just like her mum. We still need to think of a name. Love her :)

Hope your weekend is amazing!


Sails Pattern - VIDEO

For a long time I've been wanting to put together a video for the patterns that don't have one yet, so this week I've been working on it and have managed to get some footage for several of them. That's the easy part of the process - putting them into a completed package is more time consuming. For that reason, I've ditched the dialogue as including it often requires a couple of takes to get right and, honestly, I get so sick of listening to myself. I'd rather listen to the same music (over and over and over again) than my voice when I'm editing.

I've also done some much overdue work on improving my Youtube Channel - which now has a trailer video and better thumbnails (you may need to refresh the page if they don't show up for you). I've put together a title sequence and ending which you'll see on new videos. So, I've been having fun. I'm really supposed to be working on my new book, but I've let myself get distracted. Ah, well, it'll happen :)

Here's the first video - Sails: basic and with two grid variations.

(if you've receiving this in email feed, sometimes video just appears as a box with a red x- you'll need to visit the site to view if this happens).

If you'd like to check out the original pattern post, visit here.

Have a great weekend!


Narwal Tangle

Since I've pretty much had my head buried in the sand in regard to tangle-related stuff, I missed seeing the tangle pattern Narwal by Sam Taylor. I heard about it on Donald's blog and once I checked it out, of course I had to have a play. The pattern reminds me of a twisted rope using stacked "s" strokes - I've done drawings using this technique before - you can see one in this post - so I went with a similar approach to keep it more freeform and didn't use the pencil guidelines at the beginning which allows the pattern to go where you want it to.

First attempt - it's definitely a fun one to shade.

narwal tangle pattern greyscale

Next one......getting a little more interesting.

narwal tangle pattern black and white

No. 3 - shades of green (with a little blue and yellow thrown in) - I'm generally not a big colour person, but I actually love this design with it.

narwal tangle pattern shades of green

If you want to see my approach, here's a quick video of me drawing the first example.



Challenge #220 - All Boxed Up

I have no idea how long it is since I've done a challenge, but it feels like forever.

I made my way to the Diva's blog today and noticed that Alice's All Boxed Up was the UMT Tangle for this month - wonderful! I've been meaning to have a play......but, you know, life keeps on keeping on and I just didn't get a chance.

I've kept it simple, because I do love a bit of minimalism :)

All Boxed Up Tangle Pattern

There's a couple of things that I would change if I did this again :) I do think there's a lot of potential for playing with shape and perspective with this tangle.........maybe when I have more time.



Moleskine Journal 13 and 14

Here's a couple of new additions to my Moleskine journal:

moleskine doodle featuring leaves and daisies
This one was practically complete weeks ago and just needed some finishing touches.

daisy and leaf sticks
These daisy/leaf sticks were a quick drawing from today.

Drawing opportunities (and motivation) have been pretty lean around here of late as we've been preparing for our first PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) site visit. This is where the students doing the PDC come and have a tour around the property and gain ideas for their final design presentation.  We had our visit yesterday, and being the last day before Winter, of course we had some rain, but Permies are a pretty tough lot and despite being a bit soggy, it went really well :) - there's a bit of a break now before the next one in October - though I have already started a list of things I want done before then....of course!

You can catch up with some of the things we've been up to around home at our Hoddles Creek Farm blog. One highlight is that Miss Jersey is about to calve in the next two weeks, she's been coming in the barn each day for a snack and some brushing just to get her back into the routine. We're all looking forward to fresh milk, cream and butter again - it's been a long break - not so happy about the cold, early mornings, though!

jersey cow

I've also started the groundwork on a new book which I'm pretty excited about, along with putting together a presentation for permaculture class, and finishing the design for the large bee garden/potager that will be directly across from the house - so, as usual I've had a few balls in the air.

What I'm really looking forward to now that the colder weather is here (I really hate going outside when it's cold! and/or wet!) is being able to get more drawing for fun done as well as concentrate on the book.

Have a good one!