Gumleaves Tangle Pattern - VIDEO

This week's video - Gumleaves - is a really easy one, but, I think very effective when you add a bit of shading to it.  I love drawing gum leaves  and wanted to create a simplified version - this pattern was the result. You can see the original pattern post here.

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Hope you weekend is fabulous!


#Challenge 231 - Undulating S and C curves

This week's diva challenge by Sharla Hicks was an interesting one: S & C curves - I must say I do love myself an undulating curve :)

As per my usual week, I probably started thinking about this one on the day it was posted and maybe scratched out a few ideas thinking, yes, I'll get this done tomorrow. Well, guess what? It's Sunday! (bet that was a surprise? it was to me!) and even though I finished drawing about 3 days ago - this is the first chance I've actually had to sit down and create a post. Getting in the way? A cow who has (just) gone into labour but doesn't look like she's in any kind of hurry, unborn lambs that we thought would be born, trees to be sprayed, kids to be ferried. Gardens to be gardened. Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it - pretty sure I need a clone a la Michael Keaton in Multiplicity only without all the disastrous results.

O.k., here's what I came up with:

Scroll feather variation with repetitive s strokes.

Meh. The feather didn't excite me all that much so I returned to one of my favourite c-stroke designs Knyt by Lyndel Churchill - I love working with this pattern. It's not really undulating, though like most patterns, there is repetition. Once I had it in my head that I was going to draw with it, that was it - it was happening. I have a slightly different method that I use to draw Knyt which you find here.

A "filled" version.

I'm not sure which I prefer, the first one is airier with lots of white space which I love, but I like the additional visual interest in the second - for some reason the leaves also stand out more to me in this version.

I'm pretty terrible at getting around and seeing everyone's work at the moment.......hopefully once life is a little less "full" I'll be on top of it.

Have a good week!


Batch Tangle Pattern - VIDEO

Hi, all - I hope your week has been amazing :)

First of all some housekeeping - I've been getting lots of email subscription sign ups since my previous post about the September free e-book mail out, but there are also a number that do not complete the process by clicking on the email confirmation link. I cannot send email to unverified subscriptions and after a few days they are removed from the list. So, please, if you do want the September e-book mail out make sure your subscription is completed. Read my previous post for more info.

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This week's video is Batch - another one from 2013. You can see the original post about this pattern here and see some examples of it in use in these posts.

Here's the video:

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Since we finally, finally had a sunny day this week and not only did I get some gardening done, I also took the long overdue photos of the first lamb born this year.  He is now around 3 weeks old and growing fast! You can see by his knees that it has been wet and muddy around here. We have another ewe in the labour - it is going a bit slower than I'd like but hopefully we will have a new healthy little lamb (and mum) today or tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Time for something fun.........mini e-book mail out coming soon!

It's been super-busy here in the studio - I'm currently working on a new e-book - it's coming along and I'm very excited - it should be available by October (fingers x'd!)

Whilst it's cooking, I thought we'd have a little fun, so, I've put together a pre-book, mini e-book (does that make sense?). Providing all the planets align and the internet mail-gods play nicely this free mini e-book is due to go out to email subscribers from 15th September, 2015 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

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No idea what I'm on about? Here's a look back at past free e-book mail outs:

The new e-book will be instructional @ the Aquafleur Rose mini e-book.
Pattern Folios go out in December

I hope you're excited..........I'm definitely excited! 

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Walp Tangle Pattern - VIDEO

This week I am posting a bit later as I've had lots of run-around stuff to do all day - beginning with an appointment with a solar system installer this morning - we want to move forward with getting our house/farm set up fully with solar this year, so pretty exciting stuff (well, at least it is until we get the quote!)

This week's video: Walp - a pattern that was posted on the blog over two years ago (yep, time flies - I can almost feel myself wrinkling as I type!) You can see the original post here. Walp does take a little more concentration - mainly to keep the initial shape framework straight - once that is laid down it's easy going.

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Hope your weekend is fabulous! This week has been slightly less wet and miserable and I am hoping to get out in the garden a bit.


Supplies & Equipment that I use

What is that black pen you're using on the videos? What do you shade with? What scanner are you using?

These are supply/equipment questions that come up a lot, so I thought for those that are interested I would put together a basic video running through the tools I currently use for drawing. Beware that it is a bit of a ramble, you will be looking at me for about 10 minutes if you make it right the way through and I know I say um a LOT - I try not to but it seems to be out of my control.... haha.....I've learnt to live with it :)

Here's the video:

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Hope your day is amazing!



This week's tangle pattern video isTumbleweed - a very simple pattern - this video demonstrates the random (dot) version as well as the grid method.

If you are reading this post via email you may need to visit the website to view the video.

Tumbleweed appeared on A Little Lime in July, 2014 - as a bit of a diversion from my then current book writing project (ahhhh.......procrastination........I think I'm going through a bit of that right now!) 

My week has been filled with working on the new book, moving my desk, computer, drawing setup, etc. downstairs as my son is moving home for a while so I've been relegated to the downstairs office again.

The promised photo of the new lamb has not yet happened as we have had nothing but rain since he was born, and you know, lambs just need to be photographed on a sunny day with a beautiful blue sky :)

At the moment we have mud everywhere. I'm pretty sick of it. 

Here's hoping your weekend is sunnier than mine is forecast to be!



Let's go Organic - Challenge #228

This week's challenge is to pick a tangle and let it grow organically.

I decided to revisit a drawing idea that I played with a while ago - I really enjoyed it at the time and this was the perfect challenge to have another go at it. The basic concept is to apply 3 rules to my drawing and work from there - it makes for some interesting contortions :)

So, this week, this is what organic looks like for me:

The drawing above partially shaded (right side)

Another one, this time without any petal detail (I prefer it with the detail)

The drawing above prior to shading

There's not much happening on the farm front - too cold and wet, though yesterday our first lamb for the season was born - adorable! I'll put up a photo of him soon (once I can bring myself to venture out of the house and away from the heater!)