A little flower and string

Life is full on......school, home, family and farm are all busy.

For today the post title pretty much says it all :)

Have a fabulous day!!


Moleskine 18

Every once in a while I break out my moleskine journal - the one that is full of random doodles. I was planning on starting on a fresh new page, but when I flicked through and found this drawing that had been abandoned part way through so I finished it off.

What I do love about working in these journals is that I plan nothing - I just start with a squiggle, line or shape on the page and go from there adding whatever, wherever I feel like it. Sometimes they come out great, other times they are awful, or just weird, but it is very freeing to start and end with no destination in mind :)

You can check out my previous moleskine doodles here.



Pattern Organisation

A week or so ago I was updating my pattern reference folder and posted a picture of it on A Little Lime's Facebook page. I had a few questions so I thought it was time for an updated post on my pattern keeping process.

Firstly, the system I used was inspired by this post on Sandy Hunter's blog: Tanglebucket - it's great and I've been using it since 2012.

I tend to work in my pattern folder for a number of different reasons I might not be feeling all that creative and inspired, don't have a lot of spare time, or I want to draw something that I don't have to think about too much.

When it comes to my drawings, I mostly focus on doing my own thing and don't see a lot of new patterns on the web unless I go and seek them out. To do this I usually go to Tangle Harmony and Tanglepatterns to check out what's new.

I don't add every pattern to my folder, only the ones that I like, think that I will use or want to keep a reference of for whatever reason. For instance I'm a bit creeped out by patterns that look like they have tentacles, or eyes. haha. I don't know why, but that's a true story :)

O.k., so once I've found a pattern/s that I want to include, what next? Usually I'll just make a quick sketch of the pattern and slip it in roughly the correct place in the folder.

If I have enough time (or inclination) I may at that time create a more detailed, shaded copy of the pattern.

As I want to be able to know how to draw a pattern just by looking at the tile, for some I'll include partially complete sections and/or variations.

I have lots of sketches of patterns in the folder that haven't had their final "good" copy completed (there's only so much time in the day, right?), so every once in a while I'll go through the folder, starting at the beginning, and put the tiles in alphabetical order and make a finished copy of the sketched patterns. I also curate the folder at this time getting rid of any patterns that I no longer want for whatever reason.

Working on the pattern folder is a great warm up exercise for me on those days I'm feeling a bit low on inspiration -  usually don't get very far into it before this routine task kicks my creative spark into gear and I'm off drawing something that excites me :)

Some notes:
  • I use 2" square tiles, I cut them out of sheets of white card and sometimes round the corners of the tile with a punch if I remember :)
  • I bought the coin holder sleeves on eBay.
  • Alphabetical order works best for me as if I try to put the patterns into categories it gets too confusing - patterns often cross into several categories.
  • This is the system that I like the best, it's quick and easy to update and always available at my desk for referencing.
  • I don't try and keep a copy of every pattern in existence - some I just know I'll never use and others don't fit into my self-imposed pattern parameters :)

You can see my other "pattern organisation" posts here including the previous ones on this very system.

Have an amazing day!


Sharing my heart (s)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

This week I was thrilled to have my Heartswell pattern featured as the focus tangle on the Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook group. There's already been some wonderful tiles posted using Heartswell and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.

While I was in Heartswell mode, I did up a few more tiles.

I hope that your Valentine's Day was wonderful - mine consisted the usual farm chores in the morning (milking the cow, feeding the sheep), and then my husband and I spent some quality time together roofing John's new shed. Feeling the love right there :)




That pretty much describes my life right now! I've started back at school this week and I've been exhausted - it's going to take a while to get those learning muscles back in action.

I've had this drawing "swirling" on my desk since early in the week waiting for me to scan and post. Well, I have no classes today and have finally found the time to get it done!

So here it is, a bit of Friday inspiration :)

Hope your weekend is amazing!



Heart Offset PATTERN

Hearts have been a pretty frequent theme on the blog over the past few years (see all the heart posts here) - there's just something wonderful about the shape. Love, love. During February I try to come up with one or two new patterns featuring hearts, but I have to admit it is getting harder to do - there's only so many approaches you can take with this basic shape.

This year's offering isn't particularly ground-breaking and has a similar base to Heartstrings. Half of the heart is drawn continuously along one side of the line (this is how I draw Heartstrings - you can see a demo in this video), then the second half is drawn offset on the other side of the line. This pattern really comes into it's own when alternately coloured - an interesting zig-zag pattern appears.

Here's the step out:

A red and black sample on some wonky lines.

On the farm we've had some long awaited rain - 75mm last week! The paddocks are greening up and we're headed into a glorious week of late summer weather.

Wednesday also marked my youngest child's 18th birthday - she passed her licence, has her own car and is now able to get herself wherever she needs to go. After 26 years my servitude as the kids taxi driver is over. Freedom at last!

Have a good one!