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Welcome to my Gallery.

If you click on a drawing, or the title underneath, it will take you to the relevant blog post. Enjoy!


Stacked Ribbon Flowers

Stacked Ribbon Flower

Ribbon Ring

Ribbon Roll




Leaf & String

Floral Sphere



Snake's Head Fritallary


Crocus Stacks


Flower Collage

Leaves and Feathers

Fleur de lys Scrolls

Leaves and Mooka

Daisies & Scrolls

Poppy Tube

Morning Glories

Sankegg Dandelion

Morning Glories

Wheat Kisses


Feathers, Daisies and Bubbles

Anemone Bouquet

Morning Glories

Zephyr Lilies

Daisies & Leaves

Daisy Scroll


String Cosmos

Stapled String

Quib Daisies

String Daisies


Stripe Challenge

Beads and Poppies


Floral Doodle


Coffee Cup Daisies

Symphony in Blue Green Yellow

Monday Moleskine

Monday Moleskine

Monday Moleskine

Monday Moleskine

Moleskine 13

Moleskine 11

Moleskine 12

Moleskine 10



HW Initial String

Wonky Grid


Aquafleur Poppy-Red

Aquafleur Feather

Well - no grid

Well - no grid

Aquafleur Flower

Aquafleur Inspired




8's Parte Dos






Peapod Escape

Quandary Embroidery

Keenee Daisies

Zinger Daisy

Olb & String

Laced Bunzo

Diva Dance Feather


Diva Dance Mooka

Zinger Gumflower

Zinger Mooka Daisies


IX Scroll

Aquafleur Rose

Socc Morning Glories

Socc Lilies

Well & Punzel

Quandary Blossoms

Camelia Wonky Grid


Showgirl & Mooka

IX Daisies

Black &amp White Spinners

Come in Spinner




Circle Collage

spiral collage


Pick up Sticks

Cone Scroll

Growing Tube

The Bubble-ator

Cone Pods


Diva Dance Hearts



Hearts & Daisies

Heart Stack



Paisley Mooka

Paisley and Leaves

Paisley and Flowers

Paisley Flower


  1. You are so talented! I absolutely love your work!

  2. Love your new gallery Helen, I have been so caught up with your hearts this week, can't stop doing them. You are a very talented lady keep up the good work..

    1. Thanks, Barb :) I'm still getting used to it - but definitely more serviceable than the old one I think. Glad you're having fun with the hearts - I'm still playing with them, too! hx

  3. Helen, your work is exciting to me. I'd love to be able to do this, but I believe I may shake too badly. My daughter is working on learning the patterns, though. So maybe I can enjoy it through her. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

    1. Hi Judi, Thank you! You should give it a go regardless! It's more important to have fun with the process than to worry about a few wobbly lines. hx

  4. Helen, your new setup is sooooooooooooooooo, so gooddddddddddddddddd........ It fact it's truly amazing, stunning, fantastic, and terrific! I could go on forever like frankly. My work is growing too and I love practising some of your drawings, obviously they are no way near as good as yours but at least I am trying and learning. So thank you for your wonderful gift and sharing. Julie Beard, Adelaide.

    1. Thanks, Julie! That's what it's all about, practicing and developing your style :) hx

  5. I, too, am in awe of your work, Helen. ALL of your work, and I am just begining to try different patterns both regulation and ZIA. Love the artistic license, as well. If somebody accuses me of that, I will point my finger at you and say...."She did it first"....(hahaha) Thanks for all your hardwork and your teacher mentallity. I just finished learning about leaflet and I really am in awe over your leaflet globe. Talk to ya later, Helen. Duane, Portland, OR.

    1. Hi Duane! Thank you! Glad to hear you are having fun :) It's wonderful to try new things and not be limited by "rules" - I'm in it for my own enjoyment so I love just going wherever my imagination wants to take me. Leaflet is one of my favourites - I really need to revisit it, but so many patterns, so little time!! hx

  6. Count me as a fan of your work! I enjoy drawing tangles too, but yours are incredible. You definitely have a style, and it's beautiful!

  7. I am a "tangler" (of sorts!) since February 2012 and I find that your work is a constant inspiration and source of amazement for me ! I can draw the patterns, but they don't 'flow' like yours, I don't seem to get the ideas to make one or more patterns flow out of others.....they all just "sit" together when I want them to dance all over !! :-))

    1. Thanks, Sue. Keep practicing! I think that's what it all comes down to :)

  8. I started "tangling" about one month ago and I'm absolutely addicted. You are an inspiritation! I practice daily and find that background music helps me relax and get into a rhythm with my work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent.

  9. Helen, your work is astonishing.

  10. All I can say is 'wow'!

  11. Helen,
    I have recently become a member of Pinterest, drawn to it initially by watercolor research. When I started browsing in the different Doodle/Tangle posts I have found that I am continually drawn to your work. I finally had to leave a note to say how wonderful I think your work is.
    Many of your creations are reminiscent of "Whoville", both The good Dr's and Tim Burtons take on it. I am curious if either of them have inspired you in the past? There is a freedom and an elegant simplicity that makes me happy.
    All the best to you.

    1. I'm glad you found your way to my blog!

      My children loved Dr Who books, and I have read many of them over the years, but I don't watch a lot of TV/go to the movies, so I had to look up Whoville on Google images - lots of lovely curving lines and cool pinks and greens (which I do love!) - definitely lots of inspiration worthy stuff, for sure! I love the Christmas ideas I saw using this theme. Wonderful :)

      Thanks for your lovely message.


  12. Your drawings are eye candy, so beautiful I can't take my eyes off of them. Thanks for your inspiration and ebooks. Great stuff

  13. Hermosos dibujos!!!! Con tu permiso, me inspirare en ellos, para diseñar el mio propio, para pintar en un juego de porcelana

  14. I just discovered you on Facebook today and followed the link to your blog. Your work is amazing. I'm about to order your E-Books!

  15. Wowwwww. These are absolutely amazing. I was blown away right at the start by the ribbons. Lx

  16. Absolutely Beautiful! Unique! and Creative! I really love your style!

  17. Hi Helen! i would be repeating what everybody says about you that you are awesome and inspiring. but i would still say it. i love the strokes you make. i am trying to use those but i am nowhere close to it. i will keep trying because i love to do what i am doing. pray that i can do half as good as you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I like all of your work art. It is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you !

  19. Wow absolutely love your tangles :)...

    I have been browsing various doodles (believe it or not actually looking for ideas for a tattoo design, I have a specific design in mind... and have seen some elements of yours that I would love to incorporate into the design :)...)

    Hopefully I'll be able to tangle it myself, need to start somewhere and your tutorials are absolutely the thing I needed to find.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi! Thank you :) I hope that your tattoo tangling is successful :) h

  20. Hi Helen, I have just started to zentangle and am still working on my first one, and surprisingly, I'm very happy with the way it's going. Found your site and am absolutely enthralled with your work...amazing, beautiful, have an awesome talent. Thanks for the ideas..Irene

    1. Thank you, Irene! You're going to love your new hobby - very addictive :) h

  21. Hiya Helen!
    I have been a fan of your work since I first discovered it and look forward to every new post and picture. I absolutely love the way a simple shape comes to life with a little color or shading in all your work! The step outs and videos you share with us are great and I refer to them often for inspiration.
    Thank you so much for being part of my art world. Terri

    1. Thank you, Terri :) I am so happy to hear that you are finding my posts a source of inspiration for you - it's wonderful :) I love that the internet makes it so easy to share and inspire each other rather than plod along on our singular journeys :) h

  22. Thank you, Helen, for all you share with us. We are all richer because of it. I love your art, your accent, your spirit and your generosity.

    1. Hi Angela - how lovely! Thank you so much :) I think the Aussie accent is definitely an acquired taste :) Helen

  23. Wow. Your work is spectacular! It has really given me the inspiration to strive to be even a fraction as creative as you. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You are incredibly talented and very generous. I am ready to go tangle now! Blessings... Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda :) Have fun tangling :) Helen

  24. Helen your work is truly stunning, from representational to abstract and everything in between!
    Thanks for sharing. I have only been tangling for a short while but it is amazing what you can do with the concept of Zentangle.
    Best wishes from Connecticut,USA, the New England area
    Jane Ellen

  25. Just found you, you are amazing. I have purchased your three ebooks, so much to learn, brilliant keep on sharing, please 😊

  26. Wow your work is just beautiful. Someday I hope mine may look as good.

    Have so much to learn.

  27. Hi there. This is just unbelievable beautiful. I am into free motion quilting and stumbled onto your website and I am very glad it happened. Lots of ideas for me here. Keep up the stunning work. Heidi Mossel Bay South Africa

  28. I keep coming back to your designs. You have inspired me so much.


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